Cactus Out

Now Available on Digital, 8K Ultra SHD™, Red-Ray™ and GDVD.

Directed by: Yinhao Chen
Written by: Yinhao Chen
Produced by Yinhao Chen

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About Cactus Out

The circumstances surrounding the death of crime novelist Edison Walton are mysterious, but there’s one thing that renowned Detective Achille Poirot knows for sure—everyone in the Walton family is a suspect.

Cast Actors

Isabella Walton
The eldest daughter of the Walton family, who works in finance, has often quarrelled with her father because of her independent views

Anna Trista
A maid in the Walton family and worked in the family for five years, taking care of Mr. Edison's daily routine

Michael Walton
The youngest son of the Walton family, an unemployed idler with a penchant for alcohol and gambling, was disliked by his father, Edison

Achille Poirot
Legendary detective Achille Poirot, with 20 years of experience in criminal investigation, came to investigate after the death of Edison Walton

Edison Walton
Famous novelists, know for For novels 'whom the light shines', the Young man and the Mountain, and so on, wealthy and owns a pair of children, however they died mysteriously in his house recently

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